The beginnings of a better way.

In 1954, from his home in the south suburbs of Chicago, John Lanigan Sr. envisioned a better way. Today, the result is a multinational corporation providing machinery and solutions for the material handling, terminal automation, supply chain, and sports and entertainment
industries worldwide.

Jack, along with his wife Patricia, came up with “Where Service is Golden” because they strongly believed in the importance of great service. And that is the base of the Lanco business model — great customer service and a better way to serve customers.

As Mi-Jack and the Lanco Group of Companies continue to grow, this goal will not be forgotten.  Jack Lanigan was fond of saying:

"Our business philosophy is simple. We strive to be the leader in any market we service and we do that by providing superior products and superior service. We treat our old customers like new ones and if you always give the customer a little more than what they had when they came, they tend to come back."


We are a world-renowned company, with family-owned roots.