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Ancon, Panama

Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC), a joint-venture with Kansas City Southern, provides ocean-to-ocean transshipment service between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans on a railway that runs parallel to the Panama Canal. In May of 2001, PCRC completed a 150 million-dollar rehabilitation and modernization of the 143-year old transcontinental railroad. The 47-mile high-speed, high-volume railroad serves as a vital intermodal link for world commerce by providing a duel-ocean rail land bridge connecting ports on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Together with the Panama Canal and the ports, the railroad forms an integral part of the transportation and logistics infrastructure of Panama. The PCRC also offers luxurious passenger service catering to executive commuters and tourists traveling across the scenic rain forests alongside the isthmus.



500,000 containers

moved yearly


passenger coaches

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